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2007-09-20 17:34:29


Dorkbot PDX offers workshops the last Sunday of every month on a variety of practical topics for both beginner and experienced hobbyists.  

Find out about new workshops by signing up to the dorkbotpdx-announce email list.  It is a very low volume list.

Upcoming Workshops

Sunday, 13NOVEMBER2016 at Control-H, ESP8266 for Beginners with Thomas Hudson

Missing Workshops.

If you would like to see something that we aren't doing at the moment please go add some ideas for workshops that you'd like to see!

Past Workshops.

Sunday, 11JULY2016 at Control-H, FAUST with Mykle Hansen

Sunday, 24APRIL2016 at Control-H, Advanced Microcontroller Audio with Paul Stoffregen

Sunday, 27MAR2016 at Control-H, Build your FuzzFace Guitar Pedal with Jim Titus

Sunday, 28FEB2016, at Control-H, Hands-on JTAG for fun and root shells with Joe FitzPatrick

Sunday, 31JAN2016, at Control-H, Open Hack

Sunday, 15NOV2015, at Control-H, Intro to Pure Data Workshop, with Jesse Mejia, Alex Norman, Jason Plumb

Sunday, 1NOV2015, at Control-H,Advanced Microcontroller Audio with Paul Stoffregen

Sunday, 25OCT2015, at Control-H, Teensy MIDI Encoder Workshop with Darin Molnar

Sunday, 30AUG2015, at Control-H, Intro to Programmable System on Chip with Tom Moxon

Sunday, 26July2015, at Control-H, Undorked Aerial Vehicles with Rich Burton

Sunday, 28JUNE2015, at Control-H, Solar Lithium-Ion USB Charger with Issac Porras

Sunday, 31MAY2015, at Control-H, Open Lab with YOU!

Sunday 26APR2015 at Control-H, Federated Wiki with Ward Cunningham

Sunday 29MAR2015 at Control-H, KiCad with Jared Boone

Sunday 29JUNE2014 at Flux, Capacitive Sensing with Philip Odom

Sunday 25MAY2014 at Flux ($30) Byte Beats with David Madden

Sunday 27APR2014 at Flux (free) Processing Fundamentals with Dan Lidral Porter

Sunday 23FEB2014 at Flux (free) Intro to Pure Data with Jesse Mejia, Alex Norman, Jason Plumb, Edward Sharp

Saturday 29JUL2012 at FreeGeek ($35) Women's Arduino Cult Induction

Sun 24JUN2012 at Lovecraft Beginning Wearable Tech (eTextiles) for $25 with Cat Poole

Sun 23JUN12 Programming Digital Art (Processing) at ADX with Jeremy Rotsztain

Sun 29APR12 at ADX ($TBA) Surface Mount Soldering Workshop

Sun 1APR12 at Collective Agency (FREE) Introduction to Pure Data Workshop

Sunday 29JAN12 at ADX ($8) Surface Mount Soldering Workshop

Saturday 28JAN12 at FreeGeek ($35) Arduino Cult Induction

Sunday 18DEC11 at ADX $25 Introduction to eTextiles - Sew a Glowing Ornament

Sunday 27NOV11 at ADX Open Lab

Sunday 6NOV11 at FreeGeek! $35 Arduino Cult Induction

Sunday 30OCT11 at ADX $40 Introducing the Through Hole Arduino

Sunday 25SEP11 at ADX PCB Layout Using Eagle FREE

Sunday 28AUG11 at ADX Introduction to eTextiles $25

Sunday 31JUL11 PNCA Arduino Cult Induction. $35

Sunday 26JUN11 PNCA Focused Workshop: Surface Mount TBA

Sunday 29MAY11 PNCA Focused Workshop: Audio Synthesis. FREE !

Sunday 01MAY11 PNCA Arduino Cult Induction $35

29 Mar 2011 - Sound Synthesis

27 Feb 2011 Making Connections with MIDI -- PNCA ($35)

30 Jan 2011 Arduino Cult Induction -- PNCA ($35)

28 November 2010 - Processing.Org -- PNCA (Free!)

31 October 2010 - Open Lab, Scary Edition -- PNCA (Free)

26 September 2010 Basic Electronics for Dorks -- PNCA (35).

29 August 2010 Arduino Cult Induction -- PNCA (35)

28 June 2010 Open Lab -- PNCA (free)

29 May 2010 Artbots -- PNCA (35).

02 May 2010 Arduino Cult Induction -- PNCA ($35)

28 March 2010 - Open Lab: Anything Goes - PNCA ($Free)

21 February 10 Pure Data Workshop 2: Interfacing with the world - PNCA ($35) /workshop/pd/2-interfacing_with_the_world

31 January 09 Arduino Cult Induction -- PNCA ($35)

29 November 09 Design your own circuit board for Fabrication! -- PNCA ($35)

19 December - Surface Mount Soldering (TechShop)

27 December Open Lab.

31 January 10 Arduino Cult Induction -- PNCA ($35)

28 February 10 Focused Workshop Sound -- PNCA ($35)

26 Oct 2008 -- Arduino Cult Induction ($25)

30 Nov 2008 -- Sound and Midi (~$25)

28 Dec 2008 -- Open Lab (free)

25 Jan 2009 -- Arduino Cult Induction ($25)

08 Feb 2009 -- Second Session of (25 JAN) Cult Induction ($25)

22 Feb 2009 -- Prototyping ($25)

29 Mar 2009 -- Open Lab (free)

17 May 2009 - Introduction to Pure Data (Pd/pd/puredata) (free)

16 August 2009 -- Pd focused open workshop -- PNCA

30 August 2009 -- Arduino Cult Induction -- PNCA ($35)

25 October 2009 -- Animatronics (motors, servos and relays oh my ($35)

11 October 2009 -- Arduino Cult Induction TechShop Session ($35)

27 September 2009 -- Open Lab --PNCA (free)

25 October 2009 -- Animatronix (motors, servos, solenoids) -- PNCA ($35)

27 January 2008 -- HAYWIRE circuit bending workshop (free)

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