DorkbotPDX May 2015 Workshop: OPEN LAB!


at Control-H, 7608 N. Interstate, Portland, OR 97217
Sunday, May 31, 2015 1-5pm
While having a single teacher and many students helps get ideas and skills out to the community, sometimes it is more fun to have some chaos.  So instead of one to many, we'll have many to many.  Bring a project or collaborate on someone else's project.
We provide space and power.  You bring tools and projects.  Ask fellow dorks for help and offer help to others.
RSVP by replying to this page and telling folks what you'll be working on!









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Brian Richardson:  I'll be bringing a Myo armband and will have a server that will publish the EMG and accelerometer data as OSC packets and JSON over WebSockets.  I'm hoping someone will use the data in a audio or video patch of some sort.
Jon Hannis:  During the open lab I can help anyone wondering about how to 3d print objects since we have a number of 3d printers here.

I'm trying to program an Arduino UNO to scan a reed switch-based keyboard matrix to encode and send MIDI NoteOn and NoteOff messages through the USB port. I'm using the Keypad and MIDILibrary libraries so far.

I know it can be done - a dude is doing it in Ireland and selling the programmed boards.

I'll bring a laptop, UNO, breadboard, reed switches and magnet, resistors, and diodes. I'm just looking for some encouragement and a roadsign or two.

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Karl Anderson from will be bring the following:

If anybody is interested in setting up a futel dev build, I would be able to help get over the hurdles, quickly fix bad docs, etc. Or if anybody wants to help out by flashing DDWRT/OpenWRT routers, setting up SIP boxes, etc, that'd be nice. Or anything else, like recording a menu, trying to break things, whatever, let me know!

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Bart Massey

I'll bring stuff for both the HW RNG Keith Packard and I are building and the electronic jewelry tutorial project Evie Harddrive and I are putting together for Burning Man 2015. Looking forward to it.

and Satisfaction brought him back.

I'm new to DorkbotPDX and curious about what everyone else is doing.  Mostly, I have been experimenting with Arduino Clocks, shift registers and 7 Segment LED displays.  Pretty basic stuff for the most part, so pardon my curiosity.  I'll bring some of my test projects and look forward to learning more about 3D printing.


Hi there. We are also new to DorkbotPDX. My name is Nickie and my partner is Ryan Ramage. We are currently working on a project we've named Fungully, which will be a small fairy ring of 5 glowing, singing mushrooms that stand about 3 to 3.5 feet tall. We are hoping to harness the power of CapacativeSensor on a teensy to make them react to touch with light and sound. Although Ryan has some experience working with Arduino, neither of us have experience in this particular area, so we're seeking help getting started, specifically for assistance choosing hardware for the sound playback, as we have not done that before, and any additional experience or tips that can be passed on. We will be bringing a teensy, strip of led lights, and a laptop. Thanks & look forward to meeting you all.