Dorkbot PDX Code of Conduct

DorkbotPDX is committed to providing a socially safe and friendly environment for people doing strange things with electricity. We welcome all, regardless of techical experience, gender, sexual orientation/identity, age, ability, ethnicity, religion, or physical/biological cybernetics.

DorkbotPDX expects attendees to be:

Because we wish to foster an open, diverse, and engaged community, DorkbotPDX does not tolerate discrimination or harassment. We are particularly sensitive to discrimination against and harassment of socially marginalized groups.

The following behaviors are considered harassment and are unacceptable within our community:

Discriminatory language or behavior.
Insults related to technical skill, gender, age, sexual orientation/identity, race, religion, or ability.
Physical violence or threats directed against another person.
Posting/displaying explicit sexual or violent material.
Doxing or doxing threats.
Unwelcome recording (photo/audio/video).
Unwelcome sexual attention or physical contact.
Intimidation, stalking, threatening, or following (online or in person).
Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.
Sustained disruption of community events, including talks and presentations.
Participating in community events or engagement with community members after exclusion.

Any person in violation of these guidelines may be warned or asked to leave. If you are aware of any behavior in violation of these guidelines, please notify a DorkbotPDX organizer.