Success with DorkBoard

By: PhilipOfOregon

2009-01-26 22:36:39

I attended the Arduino Cult Induction on Sunday (Jan 25). It went pretty well.

A couple notes:

1) Dang, those chip resistors are small! I'm glad I brought a magnifying glass and tweezers.

2) You can build 'boy' or 'girl' versions of the Dorkboard -- with pins for prototyping (boys) or with sockets for simple connection to other hardware (girls). Only they don't call them boy or girl (yet). The top illustration at cult_induction_rev4 shows one built with sockets, while the bottom illustration shows pins. The assembly tutorial shows the pins version.

3) The connection to the serial port for Arduino programming is recommended female connector. This only matters if you're building more than one dorkboard and/or you want to share the serial adapter with others.

4) The benito.inf (Windows configuration file had a mismatch for one character -- a 'B' should have been a '4'. Copy/paste the inf, and tweak the line as described in the followup. With that change, the Arduino IDE works great for Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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