/// MEETING \\\ Wed, 10/10 7:30pm @ Vendetta

By: breedx

2007-10-09 20:45:54

Come one! Come all! Tomorrow (Wednesday, 10/10) will be the next casual meeting of Portland area dorks ---DORKBOT PDX--- //////people doing strange things with electricity Jared will be present with his world famous Chronulator kits as featured in BoingBoing and Make blog last week. He will have parts available and can make up a kit as needed! Pimp that clock! We also still have a few of the ultra sexy and stylish DorkbotPDX tshirts available...so bring $10! They're cheap, and your wardrobe will thank you for it. There are still a number of ideas and workshops being formulated for the rest of the year, so come with ideas or add them to the wiki page. We're a friendly, accessible group...and we should be easily spotted with electronics junk or glowing laptops on the tables. Come on down, share a cocktail and geek ON OUT!
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