Spring 2014 Processing Workshop

By: skinny

2014-02-26 12:56:59

Aiming for sometime in April (3rd Sunday?)

I missed Jeremy's workshop in 2012, if I had to guess, I bet it was a bit more well rounded than mine. ;)

Brian's notes/thoughts:

Previous workshop in 2010 had this sketch progression: Pixel manipulation, Mandelbrot Fractals, Shape/vector api, Text rendering, OSC library, Keyboard input, Video input, OpenCV integration (face detection)

Which I think worked well, but I'd avoid OpenCV this time around due to installation issues.  But I wanted to have an "Advanced" topic for people that stuck around.  This time around, it might be cool to do some sort of Information Visualization as a final project? Maybe grab some public data that's available about portland and visualize it in some cool way?

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