Richard Harding

By: MoonRabbit

2008-09-16 21:56:38

Jack of all trades, master of none. I grew up working in my Dad's welding shop, learned to drive in a 1955 Studebaker flatbed truck, studied horticulture, spent four years in the Navy as a hydraulics tech, got my degree in Botany (somehow that high-paying, glamorous botanist job has eluded me so far), worked in a shipyard as a millwright, grew orchids from seed for 10 years, worked for a biotech company genetically engineering plants and now I work as a chemist.

I'm interested in hybrid technology; think kinetic art with embedded controls to make the experience unique for each user. I'm thinking a theremin type device that, instead of interpreting the position of the user to create changes in sound, uses the sensor data to change its own shape/color/etc.

I'm glad to see that younger people are interested in this kind of stuff. I attended my first meeting on 9/15/08, and in terms of potential, it felt like being in the presence of the Microsoft team circa 1980.

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