Pure Data Workshop 2: Interfacing with the world

By: ax

2010-02-10 12:49:28


This is the second workshop in our Pure Data series. Pd is used by artists, sound designers, DJs, VJs and a variety of audio hackers. It is free, libre, and open source software that runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. We will be focusing on interfacing PD physical world. You will use knobs, buttons, and lewd gestures to control patches within Pd. Similarly we will teach you how to reverse this process and use your Pd patch to control the entire world. We will interface with MIDI devices, off the shelf USB devices, other computers and custom hardware/sensors using the Midi Monster designed by Don D. Davis. This workshop assumes basic pd knowledge - but if you missed our first pd workshop or otherwise need to learn the basics - prior to signing up we recommend checking out the first two chapters of this tutorial: http://www.pd-tutorial.com/

To Signup:

  1. Go to this page: http://www.tempusdictum.com/tdproducts.html
  2. Scroll down to Workshops, and select the "Interfacing Hardware to PD" "product".
  3. Click "Add To Cart" and follow the instructions there.
    • This will secure your place in the workshop and reserve you a "Midi Monster," the sensor <-> USB+MIDI unit we will be using for the workshop.

Bring to the workshop:

  1. A laptop with pd-extended installed: http://puredata.info/downloads
  2. A pair of headphones.
  3. A mini to standard USB cable.
  4. A thirst for danger.
  5. optional:
    • A MIDI synthesizer or drummachine.
    • A MIDI controller interface [knobs/buttons/etc].
    • A USB HID device [gamepad, rockband controller, etc].
*no microcontroller programming required for this particular workshop.

Workshop Outline:

  1. controlling midi devices (synths/drum machines/etc) with pd via the Midi Monster
    • what is midi - basic information and specifications
    • special midi pd objects - midi in/out (ctlin/out, notein/out, midiin/out)
    • extending this control to the rest of the (non-midi) world
  2. Building midi controllers - usb/midi from the Midi Monster
    • read a potentiometer
    • read a photocell
    • read a switch
    • piezo trigger
    • interface with PD, make things happen!
  3. physical control demos
    • ghetto drum demo and patches
    • servo motor control
    • other demos
  4. control over networks
    • netsend/netreceive
    • multi computer collaboration
  5. off the shelf devices
    • hid / fun with joysticks
    • wiimote
    • rockband drum kit
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