PDXBot.07 ArtBot

By: tlockney

2007-05-05 00:13:48

Dorkbot (PDX) Is pleased to present the first annual Artbot competition as part of PDXBot.07


Build a robot that makes art.

The Contest

The contestants will each be given up to 20 minutes for their robot to create its “art.” For Static mediums such as Drawing and Painting the contestants will be grouped together an allowed to run in sessions. At the end of each session the robots art will be judged. Performing art bots will be given sequential “stage” time.


The robot is not the art. The robot must produce the art.

The art may be in any media (Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, Dance and Song). However, for the purpose of this contest, the work produced must be physical in nature and external to the robot itself.

What constitutes a robot for the purpose of this challenge?

The robot in this case must be autonomous rather than remotely controlled. It may interact with its environment through its senses however if this interaction is judged to be remote control the robot may be disqualified. The robot may require external power from a standard outlet (110-120vac 15A) or run on its own power.

Other Considerations

The robot may not damage contest area or the other robots. For this years competition the area has 9' cielings and carpet. A Painters tarp and wood surface will be provided as 'workspace' for your robot to work. Any robot which is perceived as a threat to persons or property will not be allowed to compete.

Judging & Judges

A judge will be selected from art and Art and Engineering communities. In addition a panel of middle school children will act collectively as a 3rd judge (the innocent eye)


The competition will be divided into two classes of competitors.

A junior class for Middle schools and high school students. A class for adults and college students.


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