By: paul

2007-06-22 03:29:20

What's Paul been up to lately??? .....aside from Teensy: Oh, and whatever's on my blog here on Dorkbot PDX... .... probably lots more. Ok, I finally got on Twitter to post updates I tend to do lots of other stuff that never gets photographed and written up anywhere! --------------------------------------- some (now older) projects, inspired by Dorkbot meetings.... --------------------------------------- Inspired by Laen's PCB group order and Ladyada's breadboard power supply.... a single AA cell breadboard power supply! Creates 3.3 or 5 volts from a single AA battery mounted on the right side of a breadboard. Schematic: Layout: --------------------------------------- Reverse Engineering the 640x200 LCD from the Micro2700 terminals Ben brought. Detailed info: (all the source code is on the blog3 page) ---------------------------------------- LED Sign (reverse engineering) at Freegeek: ---------------------------------------- Burning Man 2007 art installation and theme camp project: ---------------------------------------- About Paul: I'm mostly a "hardware guy" who specializes in analog circuitry and microcontrollers and most things electronic. I particularly love building crazy interactive art projects. It's just so much fun! contact: paul at pjrc dot com
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