What's Paul been up to lately??? .....aside from Teensy:

Oh, and whatever's on my blog here on Dorkbot PDX...

.... probably lots more. Ok, I finally got on Twitter to post updates

I tend to do lots of other stuff that never gets photographed and written up anywhere!

some (now older) projects, inspired by Dorkbot meetings....

Inspired by Laen's PCB group order and Ladyada's breadboard power supply.... a single AA cell breadboard power supply! Creates 3.3 or 5 volts from a single AA battery mounted on the right side of a breadboard.




Reverse Engineering the 640x200 LCD from the Micro2700 terminals Ben brought.

Detailed info:

(all the source code is on the blog3 page)


LED Sign (reverse engineering) at Freegeek:


Burning Man 2007 art installation and theme camp project:


About Paul:

I'm mostly a "hardware guy" who specializes in analog circuitry and microcontrollers and most things electronic. I particularly love building crazy interactive art projects. It's just so much fun!

contact: paul at pjrc dot com