On Gallery Show Oct 09

Show Opens October 1st (1st Thursday)

Let's start listing of our submissions for the October DorkbotPDX show at On Gallery here.

Here's a quick calendar:

  • Aug15 - Submit a quick note about your piece, you, staging requirements, power requirements, for sale/price, and if it's been displayed before.
  • Early September, perhaps at a Dorkbot meetup - "reality check in" - are you ready / are you going to be ready?
  • September 10th - finalized piece information so we can take a few snippets and get good PR out there
  • September 28th & 29th - drop your work off and help setup and install
  • October 1st - First Thursday Opening
  • October 5th (12th?) - Dorkbot @ ON (perhaps?)
  • October 30th 5pm uninstall.

Retina Tattoo Gun v2

  • What: This is a device which flashes images onto your retina. The flash is fast so you can only perceive the afterimage. More notes on v1 here: http://noisybox.net/weblog/2009/02/retinal_tattoo_gun
  • Who: Brian Richardson (bzztbomb on #dorkbotpdx)
  • Size: Head size, hangs from ceiling. Should be running on batteries.
  • For sale: No
  • Displayed before: V1 was displayed for one night at LightBar.
  • Looking for help: Not right now

Color topographical maps

  • What: this is a to scale canvas of a great master work which has been analyzed by a computer and plotted onto the canvas using a sharpie so that the outlines of the colors are plotted and the colors values are numbered within the region. (Should come with numbered paints).
  • Who: Donald Delmar Davis (feurig on #dorkbotpdx)
  • Size limited to plotter feed width. (36")
  • For sale: Of course.
  • Not displayed before
  • Looking for help: mebby need to adapt plotter to feed canvas. May need some help with the analysis.

Voltage Village

  • What: A little town made of live, active circuits. A firefly tree is made of wire and resistors, with a microcontroller in the base. A person is made of passive components, resistors networks for arms, an LED for a heart, and an inductor for a head.
  • Who: James Neal (Laen on #dorkbotpdx)
  • Size: 12"x12"
  • Power Requirements: Needs an outlet for an AC/DC adapter.
  • For sale: No
  • Displayed before: No.
  • Looking for help: Not needed, but welcome.

Virtual Windows

  • What: A window to somewhere else that changes with the viewer. I spent two years in the basement well under the floodplain at Washington County during which I developed two obsessions: periscopes and virtual windows. A framed monitor (laptop) is paired with two cameras. The first is mounted statically watches the viewer and the other is pointed outside and mounted on pair of servos. When a viewers face is detected the paired camera moves to adjust the view appropriately.
  • Who: Donald Delmar Davis (feurig on #dorkbotpdx)
  • Size each window will be the size of a 15" monitor/laptop framed.
  • For sale: Of course.
  • Not displayed before
  • Looking for help: no.


  • What: A study on the modern human information workforce as computer expression. More details can be found here.
  • Who: jason (breedx)
  • Size: Small stand-alone metal desk (TBD). Small space for computer and amplifier.
  • For sale: Yes
  • Displayed before: No
  • Looking for help: Yes.
    • Locating and acquiring metal desk unit.
    • Physical sensor wiring
    • Programming
    • Access to dot matrix printing facilities

Maxwell's State Space

  • What: A humanoid robot head and torso, set up as an animatronic puppet. Press the Left button for some Blue State talking, and the Right button for some Red State talking. State programming for Blue and Red states. More details can be found here.
  • Who: Mark Medonis (mmedonis on #dorkbotpdx)
  • Size: Need about 4' of table space for Maxwell as well as computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • AC power required: Yes
  • For sale: Yes
  • Displayed before: Yes
  • Looking for help: Yes, I need some additional ideas for interaction, alternate ways to trigger his movement and dialogue. Or ways to generate various bits of dialogue. Aiming for artificial low intelligence (ALI, patent pending).

Beautiful Identification

  • What: An RFID tag reader, a credit card swiper, and a barcode reader that convert the numbers to musical notes and beats.
  • Who: James Neal (Laen on #dorkbotpdx)
  • Size: 12"x12"
  • Power Requirements: Needs an outlet for an AC/DC adapter.
  • For sale: No
  • Displayed before: No.
  • Looking for help: Yes, with other creative ways to interpret the numbers as music.

You can't get there from here

  • What: a realtime display of the longest, most obtuse routes via TriMet in the Portland metro area
  • Who: Thomas Lockney (tlockney on #dorkbotpdx)
  • Size: enough space for a PC and LCD (although a project would be ideal -- not likely to acquire one in time)
  • Power Requirements: will need an AC outlet
  • For sale: No
  • Displayed before: No
  • Looking for help: Yes, it's unlikely I could get this done in time on my own. Will need help figuring out the best way to model the data and interact with the various APIs (TriMet, Google Maps, etc.). Also need to acquire a system (including a display) to be used.


  • What: Kinetic sculpture that shows wave energy distributed through a 2 dimensional plane in an unexpected way (at least for me) using gears. People will be able to interact with it by touching certain gears to stop them or by moving particular gears. The central gear will be driven by a high torque servo driven by an arduino board.
  • Who: Jon Garrison (jongarrison)
  • Size: This will fit in a piece of wall art that will be approximately 3 feet by 3 feet and probably protrude about 6 inches from the wall.
  • Power Requirements: AC Outlet
  • Displayed before: No
  • Looking for help: We'll see. The parts are on the way.

Bed (green fuse)


  • What: An interactive sound-art installation.
  • Who: Collin Oldham
  • Size: Twin
  • For sale: No, but I'd make you a fresh one.
  • Power Requirements: will need an AC outlet.
  • Displayed before: Used in performance The Stone 10/04/2007 and in recording with Richmond Fontaine but this will be the first installation.
  • Looking for help: I bet someone could help me set up a startup script that would run and init my Pd patch after a reboot.


  • What: A user reactive light panel
  • Who: Andrew S Parnell (asp55 on #dorkbotpdx)
  • Size: 4'x8' hanging wall panel with embed lighting and an accompanying 3'x2' podium placed 3-4 feet in front of it
  • For sale: Will consider reasonable offers.
  • Power Requirements: will need an AC outlet.
  • Displayed before: as part of the show Maybe We Can at the White Stag in Portland.
  • Looking for help: I think I'm good. Though, maybe someone with a truck would be willing to help me get it from SE to the gallery?

Hilbert Curve Coffee Table

  • What: A coffee table made out of copper pipes in the shape of a Hilbert curve
  • Who: simran
  • Size: 2'x3'x16" or 18" or so.
  • For sale: Yes. about twice the cost of the materials.
  • Power Requirements: nope
  • Displayed before: nope
  • Looking for help: no.