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I was planning on attending the DORKBOT meeting tomorrow 24NOV, but I may not make it until later (~8:30-9). I purchased, built and used (successfully) the dorkboard. I bought it from the last P.A.R.T.S meeting. I was wondering if there is a possibility to get together before the meeting in the morning/afternoon to check out my Dorkboard. I am having a problem getting the programmer to work. It still runs the last program that I uploaded, but will not allow another upload. The usb is flashing and the LED on the dorkboard gives me the three quick flashes right away but I get the error message that the programmer does not respond. I thought about testing it with another USB Benito; if that does not work, I am willing to purchase another dorkboard. I don't mean to rush this, but I would like to take to my family for thanksgiving and show off my project. Thank you, Mike

Sun, 2008-11-23 22:48    [Permalink]

feurig (not verified)

Come talk to me when you get in. We will get it figured out. Don.

Fri, 2010-07-09 16:23    [Permalink]

MrDeb (not verified)

MrDeb Have tried on several occasions to get EAGLE to work but just can't grasp the convoluted instructions. What other program to design a PCboard isd easy to learn AND use that produces Gerber files so I can get in on a group order of circuit boards? Presently using Express PCB. but either have them produce the board or DIY. Been doing the DIY but now in need of several of same board. I have a devices that chases deer from the roadway (we here in Salmon, Idaho have LOTS of them)

Tue, 2013-08-20 16:18    [Permalink]


So the answer to this question is probably painfully simple, but it's beyond me, so I have to ask:

I have a coworker that is really into model trains. He's trying to build a little status indicator circuit that will light up one of two LEDs depending on the polarity of the track (forward/reverse). He tells me that depending on the speed desired, the voltage can range from 12v-24v, but is usually around 18v. So my thought was to design a small board that diverts some power to a 5v regulator, passes that through a rectifier to match the polarity to the LED...but then how do I create the logic to decide which bulb to illuminate? Is there a simple little IC that could do that?



James Stark