Local Projects

By: skinny

2009-10-14 10:01:08

Here's a quick list of projects by DorkbotPDX people. Feel free to add your projects and links to additional details.

Cardiolumen: Using a heart rate monitor, an arduino, a servo motor, some gears and a dimmer switch, cardiolumen present the user's heart rate back to him, creating a sort of meditative loop.Arduino, Polar Heart Rate Monitor, RMCM01, Servo, Dimmer switchAndrew S. Parnell
Bombulator: A build of the Chronulator kit from Sharebrained.Chronulator, ArduinoBrian Richardson
Morse code xmas lights xmas lights triggered with an Arduino and a Relay. Has a web interface for message submission.Arduino, RelayBrian Richardson
Nordic breakout board vs. Arduino Code/pinouts for Nordic breakout board from Sparkfun.Arduino, Nordic wireless boardBrian Richardson
Greenhouse temp control, arduino contolling two solid state relays, thermister as a sensor. No light sensor, yet. Planning on adding wireless communication with xbee, in progress.Arduino, solid state relay, thermister, xbeeDan - aka Gunterhausfrau
[1] Atari punk and simple amp put into unusual project boxes.556, LM386, spotted dick, and pepperDan - aka Gunterhausfrau
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