intro to pd workshop 2015

By: breedx

2015-11-03 18:58:33


Into to Pd Workshop:


Our workshop approach: 

We will show some basic objects/ideas, then explore building a small demo using those objects.  We hope this exploration leads to a learning through hands-on tinkering and not just lecture learning!  We will also lecture a little.

Cleanse, repeat with more objects/concepts.

Part 1: (30 minutes)

We build:

Part 2: Math (45 minutes)

We build:

Part 3: Control Objects (60 minutes)

We build:

Part 4: Audio (60 minutes)

We build:

Part 5: Interest and/or time allowing

Part 6: Experimentation time



Put some resources here:

Best book ever written:

band limited oscillators and other useful things:

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