intro to pd workshop 2015


Into to Pd Workshop:

  • Installation (30 minutes before)
    If you would like help installing Pd on your computer, please show up a little early and we will do our best to help you. We will have Pd installers available on flash drives.


  • Starting/main screen/console
  • Demonstrations
    • Lights + quneo
    • wavetable distorto
    • sampler/looper
    • granular patch
    • caradisio~

Our workshop approach: 

We will show some basic objects/ideas, then explore building a small demo using those objects.  We hope this exploration leads to a learning through hands-on tinkering and not just lecture learning!  We will also lecture a little.

Cleanse, repeat with more objects/concepts.

Part 1: (30 minutes)

  • basics of data flow (graphical programming)
  • basic types: bang, float, message, list
  • widgets: bang, number, toggle, sliders, radios, message, print, comment
    • how to view/change graphical properties
  • Signal and control graphs (and what this means/differences)
  • how to find help

We build:

  • data types (float, message, etc) with [print]
  • dac~
  • slider/radio/etc to osc~

Part 2: Math (45 minutes)

  • +, -, *, /, modulo, etc.
  • hot/cold inlets
  • tilde versions of above math objects (show osc~)
    • hot/cold not relevant

We build:

  • build some math patch using control/data, (eg. little formula)
  • build some math patch math changing audio, (eg. gain stage)
  • how to build a counter

Part 3: Control Objects (60 minutes)

  • trigger
    • outlet ordering is important to resolve ambiguities
  • select
  • spigot
  • metro
  • pack

We build:

  • sequencer
    • mtof

Part 4: Audio (60 minutes)

  • dac~, adc~
  • osc~, phasor~, signal~
  • delread~, delwrite~, vd~
  • lop~, hip~, bp~
  • line~, vline~
  • tabread4~
  • env~

We build:

  • am + fm
  • adc~ with delay
    • then add feedback

Part 5: Interest and/or time allowing

  • wavetable synth
  • show tables, tabread, phasor
  • abstractions, subpatches
  • route
  • moses
  • notein / ctlin
  • netsend / netreceive
  • hid

Part 6: Experimentation time

  • Let's tinker!
  • We will show stuff and assist exploration


  • bring drives with pd installers
  • link to the floss manual from the announcements


Put some resources here:

Best book ever written:

band limited oscillators and other useful things: