Doug Dingus

By: ddingus

2010-08-01 15:24:27

My computer related hobby interests are:

Parallax Propeller micro controllers. Video, sound, game, SD card, driver type projects. Assembly language.

Atari 8 bit computers and game consoles. I've written code for both, and enjoy doing that, from time to time.

Tandy Color Computer 3. (Come on, it's got a 6809, what's not to like?) Most recent work there was getting NTSC artifacting technology out to the current user base. I'll upload a few screenies later on. It has to be seen to be believed. Who knew that machine had the capability it does?

I also enjoy writing on a variety of subjects.

Contact! dorkbot at (don't look to close at that blog --I've not updated it in a while)

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