DorkbotPDX group ordering

By: drtwist

2008-04-18 10:51:43

The Group Order is on hiatus.  If you'd like to pick it back up, please let us know!

Order spreadsheet is Here Orders go out to: Mouser Digikey MiniCircuits please consult the Recommended Parts Page before ordering, the more commonly a part that performs a particular function is used, the more people will buy it. the more people buy a part the easier it is to get a bulk discount on a particular order.

How this works:

I have been coordinating a batch style group order to the various component distributors. I will be accepting parts lists to go into a group order to Digikey, Mouser to be ordered on the monday before the next meeting. A list of parts currently on order will be posted to this wiki page. I (eric) will update the page with what is in the order and what is in the "bulk discount" category.

Why would you want to do this? Two reasons:

1. Saves money (should eliminate handling fees on small orders, shipping cost is spread across all people in the order, possible volume discount) 2. Saves resources (less packing used, less fuel used)

How this works (this is new and subject to change):

On the Monday of the week before a meeting I will aggregate and place orders. I will send out via email the order totals plus their share of the shipping. People can either bring cash to the meeting or pay pal their share to me (adding 2.9% + $0.30 for the fee that paypal charges me). The orders should arrive that week and I will break out components into individual orders. On the day of the meeting I will bring the orders for distribution. If you are the only person that orders that week I will contact you to see if you want me to wait until the next order cycle to put in with others, or forget it altogether .

How to place an order:

edit the spread sheet Here, filling in the correct information The order goes out on on the monday at 5pm the week before a meeting and every 2 weeks there after. If you have questions please drop me a line. If you have placed an order and are not going to make it the meeting let me know. The money to place these orders comes out of my pocket so if you aren't sure going to pay me please don't order them, I will be unlikely to order for you in the future if you do. Have fun

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