By: dlouie

2010-11-05 06:41:54

I've been an electronics hobbyist for decades and have accumulated a variety of components and equipment from many projects. I live in Manning, out in the "boonies" as I've read, about 15 miles west of Surplus Gizmos. I studied electronics in college, but I do software stuff for a large company; I'm mostly self-taught in this area, but I get by. I program in C, Perl and a bunch of languages no one uses much these days.

I'm primarily interested in trading, buying, selling electronic components and equipment with like minded individuals. I started a Yahoo group for this purpose (http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/ecbarter) and am still waiting for it to take off. My designs are more oriented to building simple to complex circuits using discrete to MSI logic and I haven't adopted the microcontroller based bent (yet). Also interested in EPROM/FLASH programmers and have several varients of a home brew programmer developed by a Dutch Guy named Willem who passed away a few years ago.

I'm in to making my own printed circuit boards using a variation of the Toner Transfer Method. (This is how I found this group, I've been looking off and on for a reasonably priced PCB fab option.) Instead of using paper as the transfer media, which requires too much scrubbing and leaves messy fibers, I use HP inkjet transparencies. I use an old clothes iron and you can see the transfer progress and apply more heat/pressure in areas that need it before removing the transfer media. You can't do this with paper or laminators.

I etch my boards using ferric chloride; that's what I learned in Jr college. I use a small metal shear to cut my copper clad; but not before trying just about any method you could think of.

My designs are mostly through hole, but I'm experimenting with SMT. I finally bit the bullet and bought a hot air soldering station which greatly simplifies removing components.

I have several Tektronix oscilloscopes (60-250MHz BW) dating back to the 1970's and a variety of power supplies, multimeters, and counters that I'm interested in trading, selling, renting, or loaning... I also have a variety of computer parts (LCD monitors, KVMs, ethernet hubs/switches, wireles access points (no antennas)) and cables that I'm interested in bartering for other useful things.

I'm currently looking for 512MB or larger PC3200 DIMMs, 3.0GHz or faster socket 478 P4's with HT, 512MB or larger PC133, 10GB or larger laptop IDE drive, blue SMT LEDs, antennas for Intel wireless access point (WEAP2011BAK).

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