JTAG may be almost 30 years old with little change, but that doesn't mean most people really understand what it does and how. This workshop will start with a brief introduction to what JTAG really is, then quickly dive into some hands-on practice with finding, wiring, and finally exploiting a system via JTAG.
For this workshop, we'll target a Raspberry Pi with an ARM microprocessor. In order to interact with the system, we'll use a JTAG interface cable from FTDI. We won't do any hardware modifications, but we will hook up wires in weird and wonderful ways to make the Raspberry Pi do things it otherwise shouldn't.
Sunday, February 28th, 2016 1pm
at Control-H, 7608 N. Interstate, Portland, OR 97217
Instructor: Joe FitzPatrick
Free, (donate to Ctrl-H if you can!) 
Limited to 20 people (or groups of people)
No equipment needed, everything is provided.
Upcoming workshops!
Sunday, 27MAR2016 at Control-H, Build your own FuzzFace Guitar Pedal with Jim Titus
Sunday, 24APRIL2016 at Control-H, Advanced Microcontroller Audio with Paul Stoffregen
Sunday, 29MAY2016 at Control-H, GLOBAL SYNCHRONIZED AUTONOMY with Rich and Friends


DORKBOTPDX January 2016 Workshop: OPEN LAB


Control-H, 7608 N. Interstate, Portland, OR 97217
Bring a project or collaborate on someone else's project.
We provide space and power.  You bring tools and projects.  Ask fellow dorks for help and offer help to others.
RSVP by replying to this page and telling folks what you'll be working on!
Upcoming workshops:
February 2016: Build your FuzzFace Guitar Pedal with Jim Titus

Random November 2nd Meeting Photos!

Submitted by skinny on Sat, 2015-11-07 14:49

I just thought I'd post some random photos and projects from the last DorkbotPDX meeting.  Lots of fun stuff.

Tom Hudson brought his shaking haunted house. He worked on it with his coworkers at OMSI. It uses a saber saw as the shaking mechanism. Pretty sweet. He's posted an Instructable about it if you're more interested.

DorkbotPDX 11/2/2015


DorkbotPDX 11/2/2015

Mykle Hansen brought his Teensy Synth project. It made some sweet, crunchy sounds. I think it is based off of this project.

DorkbotPDX 11/2/2015

Mathew Lippincott brought his Portal Gun from Rick and Morty. It used an 800 lumen flashlight to project the portal! Very cool!

DorkbotPDX 11/2/2015

Scott Dixon brought a new robotics platform that he's playing around with. It's not hooked up to his Bluetooth Barbie steering wheel yet, but maybe soon. I didn't catch what the platform actually is, maybe he'll chime in on the comments.

DorkbotPDX 11/2/2015

Here were some folks playing with using balloons to diffuse LEDS. Reminds me of this project.

DorkbotPDX 11/2/2015

Finally, some folks just hacking together. I didn't find out what they were doing, maybe they'll chime in on the comments below. DorkbotPDX 11/2/2015


Fun projects, great to see so many projects on display!


DORKBOTPDX November Workshop: Microcontroller based audio!

RSVP Required, email to  Limited to 15 people.

This hands-on microcontroller audio workshop will show you how to use a Teensy 3.2 and codec chip to generate and playback CD quality sound, and process and analyze audio in real time.

Instructor: Paul Stoffregen

Sunday, November 1st, 1-5pm at
Free (Donate to Ctrl-H if possible!) All ages! 

DORKBOTPDX October 2015 Workshop: Build Your Own Teensy MIDI Device!



The Build Your Own Teensy MIDI Encoder Workshop will show you how to use a Teensy 3.1 to create a MIDI encoder that sends MIDI OUT messages over the Teensy's micro-B USB plug.

During the workshop, you will build a serial-to-parallel, parallel-to-serial switch matrix using a Teensy 3.1, a breadboard, IN4148 diodes, and reed switches (if you wish to validate the switch matrix). Darin will demonstrate how to write the switch matrix scan code and how to encode the simulated keypress signals into MIDI OUT messages using the Arduino/Teensy Keypad and MIDI libraries. Extending the code to accommodate MIDI IN, velocity sensitivity and other MIDI messages, as well as using shift registers (74HC595 and 74HC165), will be discussed.

Recommended hardware and software for the workshop:

We will have some extra supplies available.
Instructor: Darin Molnar
Sunday, October 25, 1-5pm at
Free (Donate to Ctrl-H if possible!) All ages! 

DORKBOTPDX September 2015 Workshop: Oregon Lawnmower Massacre

Unfortauntely this workshop has been post-pwned due to mechanical issues, please come to Ctrl-H for a free Open Lab Sunday September 27th instead!

In this workshop we will build a "kicking legs" Halloween prop.  These props are normally put under lawnmowers to simulate a lawn care accident.  This project is based on a project by "Scary Terry", you can see the original here.  We'll play with linkages, servos, and microcontrollers.
Here's a quick video of the mechanism (not final though). 

  • Laptop with Teensyduino installed
  • Phillips head screwdriver (electric is probably best)
  • 2 wrenches, either 7/8", 11 mm, or adjustable
  • A pair of socks, old shorts/pants, fake blood, etc for decoration.
  • $35 for the kit.  Comes with:
  • Optional: Switches / sensors to trigger the kit
RSVP required!  RSVP by emailing
Sunday, September 27, 1-5pm at
All ages!
Donate to Ctrl-H if you can!
Flyer by Jason Plumb

Sturdy Pots on Breadboards

Submitted by paul on Fri, 2015-08-14 19:36

Often I throw together a quick demo for the bi-weekly DorkbotPDX meetup, usually involving one or more pots to adjust parameters.  Finally, I've come up with a pretty good way to put pots on solderless breadboards.

Click "Read more" for details and the shared PCB....