Introduction to Pure Data (Pd)

By: breedx

2014-02-02 22:50:25

An Introduction to Pure Data

DorkbotPDX is happy to offer a free workshop as an introduction to Pure Data (Pd).

When: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014. 1-5pm

Where: Flux 412 NW Couch Street, #222 (map)

Bring: A laptop and headphones

Instructors: Jesse Mejia, Alex Norman, Jason Plumb, Edward Sharp


Pure Data (Pd) is a free, open-source, community supported data flow language and coding environment with an emphasis on sound, music, and multimedia.  It was originally written by Miller Puckette (also the original author of Max/Max MSP) and runs on Linux, Mac OSX, Android, and Windows.

Pd has been used widely in the creation of art -- such as music, sound art, visual art, generative, new-media, and interactive art.  Pd interfaces readily with MIDI equipment and many popular microcontrollers.

In this 4-hour course, students will learn the basics of Pd and will have fun developing foundational Pd patching skills.  

We have curriculum posted here.

Beginners are welcome.  No prior computer programming or sound programming experience is required!


Students should attempt to install Pd prior to the workshop...but if not, no biggie.  We can help with that!

Seating is limited to 20 participants.  Please RSVP to to reserve a spot.

Attendees will respect Flux's code of conduct and will be asked to donate.

Workshop Links/Notes/Materials

The workshop is over and was a blast!  Thanks to all who turned up and worked hard and engaged the community.

Here's a list of resources, some/all were mentioned or showed during the workshop:


  1. scott c
  2. scott g
  3. ryan c
  4. charlie s
  5. rosanna y
  6. elias f
  7. myles d b
  8. wyatt s
  9. chester l
  10. paul f
  11. shannon z
  12. pavel k
  13. jared ?
  14. jeff c
  15. allen g
  16. mike c
  17. adrian m
  18. kate r
  19. gordon b
  20. jamie
  21. dylan


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