DorkbotPDX Workshop

Sunday August 30 2015

. ' ~ Programmable System-on-Chip ` - .

FREE PSoC Workshop

Includes a brief architecture and IDE overview, followed by hands-on project labs working with the PSoC device family. Participants take home a free Cypress development board! Thanks Cypress!

Requirements: Windows-compatible laptop with USB port (Macs with Windows installed via Bootcamp or Parallels work fine)

Prerequisites: Basic electronics (ability to read a schematic drawing) and basic "C" programming.

Space is limited

RSVP required!

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August 30th



7608 N. Interstate

Portland, OR 97217

All ages!


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★ Programmers who would like to learn more about hardware and debugging.

★ Hackers who would like to learn new skills for quickly solving hardware problems.

★ Students who want to explore and learn about new hardware-based solutions.

★ Professionals seeking new skills for the workplace.

Flyer by Libbey White