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By: breedx

2013-03-14 21:15:03


The Good Life Lab

presented by Mikey Sklar & Wendy Tremayne

Mikey & Wendy live in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and have been homesteading there for the last seven years. They produces their own power, fuel, food, water and building materials. Mikey will be explaining how a little bit of embedded hardware can empower anyone to leave their day jobs and focus on the interests. Projects such as grease car temperature displays, irrigation moisture monitors, pulsed LED growlights, using machines to build with trash, fermentation controllers and recovering different battery chemistries.

Mikey is a open hardware developer who has been selling kits and has worked for Adafruit, Hack-a-Day, and Popular Science. This will be his fifth dorkbot presentation. 

Blending art, nature, and mechanics

presented by Stephanie Simek


Stephanie will be speaking about some of her recent art projects involving light, sound, and electrical components. She'll talk about her interest with combining disparate materials and pushing the limits of their inherent functional capabilities, like playfully incorporating circuitry with handwriting and the movements of Venus Flytraps. She'll also discuss her newest project, a crystal radio sculpture. Other topics to be covered include: synchronized swimming, the Golden Record, non-Newtonian lovers, and Cab Calloway.
Stephanie Simek has been living in Portland for 6 years, where she has been creating experiments with sound, performance, and sculpture.  Throughout the month of June, Place Gallery will be exhibiting her most recent project, Radio Room.



An open-mic session for those looking to show off a project, ask a question, solicit help, or incite collaboration.

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