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2013-03-09 22:53:19


Self Balancing Robots 101

Glenn Phillips

Glenn's presentation will cover the basics of self balancing robots:

Glenn Phillips got into the computer business around the era of the Mac Plus. Glenn's last job was the owner of Gorge Networks Inc. a rural Internet provider using fixed wireless and dsl. The business was sold in 2010 and Glenn has been on the Obama plan ever since.

Glenn became interested in the Arduino a couple years ago, but he had no programming experience. At some point in the process Glenn began to control servos and motors from his old RC collection. Computer control of motors was fun, interesting and possibly a job in the future.

Self balancing robots seemed to be the holy grail of motor control! Constant feedback from sensors is processed and translated to power and direction of the motor. Any issue with any component of the system is immediately apparent.

Glenn is also a cheap Yankee so his creations use salvaged parts from electric bikes, scooters, wheelchairs, laser printers and computers.

The Church of Robotron

Learn about the mutant savior and our efforts to save the last human family.  

We will talk about the Chuch of Robotron installation at Toorcamp 2012.  It involved many different types of materials, skills, and work.  We used microcontrollers, plywood, and cast away junk to create a brand new immersive experience of Robotron 2084.  On top of that, we had performance, writing, and art to complete the branding of the Church.  We will show what a lot of people working together can accomplish.
We hope to inspire you to take up the two eight ways!

CoR H264 half from Libbey White on Vimeo.



An open-mic session for those looking to show off a project, ask a question, solicit help, or incite collaboration.

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