DorkbotPDX 0x08

By: breedx

2012-01-16 13:04:28

Dorkbot PDX would like to welcome you to the latest installment of our semi-regular presentation series:

DorkbotPDX 0x08

What's happening? Two great and inspiring talks <snip>

Sailing the I2Cs with the Bus Pirate

Jared Boone

Jared will be discussing I2C as a bus and protocol, and will demonstrate talking with a few I2C devices. Demos may include interfacing with an off-the-shelf accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, and/or audio codec.

Jared runs a fledgling open hardware business, ShareBrained Technology, where he experiments with devices for audio, time-keeping, aeronautics/astronautics/astronomy, motor sports, and radio.

Remote Reality via Orbduino

Travis Smith


From what started as some pretty colors and cat amusement has grown to take over a walk-in closet and has had visits from all over the world. Have you always wanted to play with a robotic arm in the exotic land of Vernowhere, from the comfort of your couch? Here's your chance!

Tech junkie, traveler, and avid Phish-head. Travis conformed to the corporate mold for 17 years before breaking free to travel and completely geek out. Viva La Dork!



An open-mic session for those looking to show off a project, ask a question, solicit help, or incite collaboration.


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