DorkbotPDX 0x07

By: breedx

2011-11-10 22:05:14


Dorkbot PDX would like to welcome you to the latest installment of our semi-regular presentation series:

DorkbotPDX 0x07

What's happening? Three great and inspiring talks regarding art, electronics, computers, physics, and a hybridized mega monster of all things strangely technical. Did we mention 3D bluetooth kittens and RF aardvarks dancing to the synthesizer sounds of the microcontroller apocalypse? Ok, I made that up...or did I?

Art and Electronics: Arcing the Gap

Jesse Mejia

Jesse will present an overview of a few recently completed projects and a few works in progress. His talk emphasizes bridging the gap between artists and pseudo-engineers, and he challenges the community to come up with a proper term for this crossover behavior.

Jesse is an artist and AV nerd represented digitally at

Getting Started With RF

Ward Ramsdell

Slides can be found here:

Ward presents an overview of several affordable, contemporary wireless devices and demonstrates how they may be easily incorporated with today's microcontrollers. It's off-the-shelf RF demystified, and you too can go wireless with your projects!

Ward Ramsdell is a real engineer who helps takes real products to market.


Simran Gleason

SPROING! is a new web-based word game is like playing boggle in 3D, on platonic solids made of springs, with kittens (& aardvarks).

Simran will show off Sproing & its HTML5 implementation, show the design evolution of the game, and give you the math of spring physics simulations.

There will be a live multiplayer Sproing tournament during the talk, with chocolate at stake for the winner.

Simran Gleason is an artist and a nerd. Usually he makes noise, but sometimes likes to turn physics into games.



An open-mic session for those looking to show off a project, ask a question, solicit help, or incite collaboration.


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