Wikiduino Deployed

By: WardCunningham

2011-09-11 16:28:06

Sunday has been a hot day in Portland. I know for a fact that it is even hotter in the community garden shed where Russell and I installed Wikiduino today.


I've described our good luck creating conectivity in a previous post. Now I'm excited to have real data wrapped in wiki pages streaming from a version 1.0 Arduino program. I upgraded to the 1.0 beta 3 version to use Paul Stoffregen's implementation of Strings. Thanks Paul. And thanks again to Staple Master Russell Senior for helping me pull cables and making them look neat. Thanks Russell.


Thanks also to Gretchen Keehn who completely understands both geeks and vegetables. She's patiently measured her experimental cotton plants with a ruler, at my suggestion, while waiting for my automation to come to life. The poster behind Wikiduino appeals to her authority as a garden founder and includes a QR-Code that links back here to DorkbotPDX where startled gardeners can get a hint as to what is going on.

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