Pre-Built Txtzyme Hex Files and More

By: WardCunningham

2010-07-25 13:26:05

I've pre-built hex files for the standard Txtzyme interpreter. In this post I show you where to find them and where to find a longish but still simple Txtzyme program to run on it.

Choose the download for your Teensy:

Load this file with the Teensy Loader. When you're done, try blinking the Teensy's LED with a command like:

echo "5{1o 100m 0o 100m}" >/dev/cu.usbmodem12341

This works from OS X's Terminal program.

Morse Code

You'll want to try something with your new Txtzyme interpreter. I've worked up a half-dozen sample projects and shared them on GitHub. The first ever project used simple programs like these to blink Morse code (o for output, m for millisecond delay):

I've refined this a little so that Txtzyme also generates a tone while it blinks. The attached file (morse.txt) contains generated commands you can send straight to your Teensy. Here is a shell one-liner to do it:

curl /files/morse.txt >/dev/cu.usbmodem12341

Of course you will want to try different messages. Here is the perl program I used to generate the attachment. Read more about the translation logic on the Txtzyme Morse project page.

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