Photobot Takes and Shares Photos

By: WardCunningham

2011-04-27 13:23:56

As promised, I brought my tricked out robot to Monday's meeting with my digital SLR attached and a 365-degree scan of me looking through the viewfinder.


I hooked a Teensy up through the camera's remote control jack. It's pull-to-ground signals are shared with the push-to-focus-shoot button on the camera. Here is the Txtzyme I included in the click.cgi script:

     1b0o 500m 0b0o 1500m 0bi 1bi

This says, focus, wait 1/2 second, shoot, wait 1-1/2 seconds, then tri-state to let the control lines go. Here is a typical result:


An instance of Apache runs on Photobot to offer anyone on the LAN a dozen similar control scripts and a directory full of photos taken through the evening.

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