Using EEPROM with an Arduino

By: wade

2011-08-01 03:18:32

Feeling in the "message in a bottle" spirit, but more like an 8-pin DIP in a locket sort of mood, I ordered EEPROM from Sparkfun. I'm sort of a noob and have only been to a few meetings so far. So it took me a couple hours today, but I uploaded a sketch I gathered from a YouTube video and wired it up like a picture on Fritzing's site and got it all running. I can lock away 256 characters for up to 200 years with no power attached on a tiny chip!

I just reposted the resources to a Tumblr I set up, which is propgating the webz for the next 72 hours as I have a question regarding the sketch, which is how to address (I imagine 23 other spaces?) to read/write to. I just have 0x50 right now. Sorry if I made this post wrong, it's my first one and my first project with my Arduino.

ps: hello everyone.

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