Nyan Cat on a Nokia 5110

By: wade

2011-09-06 01:17:50

The Nokia 5110 LCD was my first LCD I bought for my Arduino. After working on other stuff for a month, I got it running on my TAD Arduino I got from 3D. Like any talented cow, I did my own precision bitmap editing for the entire thing. Pics/code attached.

Next steps: 1.) Understand how to use the while or do words in software in order to loop audio on a piezo buzzer. 2.) Also perhaps loop an RGB that cycles through rainbow colors. 3.) Make a cheap shield that does all three and give it to my friends.

Tangential project: Have an 8 pin ATtiny take input from a photoresistor, output NyanCat music through a peizo, and shove it in a hand-made greeting card. Give this to girlfriend.

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