Powerduino and Relayduino

By: UNTEngineer

2011-06-07 13:59:04

This week I'll review my two circuits and make parts lists for both. Once they are completed, I'll put the order through for the Powerduino shield and its mate the Relayduino shield. The good news is that for the most part are easy to solder by hand. The bad news is the parts are a little expensive, but not by much. Maybe around 50 bucks for all the parts for both shields. So if I ended up selling these boards, I'd have to sell them for a little more to break even. I'd probably end up selling the boards individually, and include a parts list.

The Relayduino has the following specs:

The Powerduino has the following specs:

Teensy Relay Shields came in yesterday, lots of technical flaws on my part (didnt realize just how small it would be). Its on my list of things to do this week. Fyi, the Teensy Eagle Library on PJRC.com isnt correct, the pin holes are too small. I'll be sure to let Paul know.

So not much else to tell. I'll see you next week

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