Success of a sort...

By: tlockney

2008-12-30 21:10:56

So, this last Sunday I finally had time to attend one of the open lab workshops Don has been hosting for a while now. I went hoping to either finish putting together the Benito kit I had been sitting on for months now or to build a Lo-fi Arduino guitar pedal.

Sadly, I wasn't able to get very far on either of these. The capacitors I had for the Benito were mostly unlabeled and I soon found out that trying to test small value SMT caps with a meter was pretty much a losing battle without building some shorter custom leads. Eventually I just asked Don to supply me with a prebuilt Benito. Turns out he had one on him. So my plan of leaving with a working Benito actually did work out in a sense.

It turned out I also hadn't brought all the parts I needed for the Arduino pedal, so finally I just decided to spend my time looking around at what others were doing. Thankfully I had my camera and got a few pics. Here's what things looked like:

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