DorkbotPDX named "Best Place to Act Like a Dork" by Willamette Week

By: tlockney

2007-07-28 18:31:09

So, Junior Scientist, you've just discovered a flaw in an on-chip dynamically recalibrated delay line for embedded self-timed systems? Maybe your flux capacitor reached 1.21 gigawatts (finally—God!) and you're dying to show off the DeLorean's stylish 2606 paint job? Don't deny it: Geekdom is your kingdom and you yearn to mingle freely with your own kind. Never fear: Dorkbot PDX is here ! A self-proclaimed group of "people doing strange things with electricity," Dorkbot PDX ( encourages members to discover, create and introduce cutting-edge technology to the world. Or, as they put it: "Show and tell warrants mega ultra bonus points!" A verifiable, un-secret society ("Open to the public!" they generously proclaim) for techie geniuses and gadget geeks, Dorkbot PDX meets periodically at ever-changing locations (perhaps to avoid those pesky plutonium-smuggling Lybians), so check out the site for rendezvous info.

Willamette Week, July 25th, Best of Portland issue
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