DorkbotPDX Meeting: Monday, May 12th, 7PM @ NW Lucky Lab

By: tlockney

2008-05-11 22:55:45

Ok, I just realized I haven't sent anything out yet... but there WILL be a meeting tomorrow at the NW Lucky Lab. I'm too damn tired to think of anything witty to say, just show up, bring something interesting if you've got anything new to show off, or maybe bring a friend!

Anyway, here's the deal if you haven't been before. We meet at 7PM at the NW Lucky Lab (**NOT** the Hawthorne location). We should be easy to find -- just look for the geeks with all the crazy stuff lying on the table. If I remember, I'll even bring my DorkbotPDX banner. Anyway, come join us -- we don't bite.

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