Cool Thing With Broken Teensy

By: spacewrench

2010-06-08 21:11:47


So Paul brought some Teensies that didn't pass testing -- pins shorted, or not connected, or something doesn't work for some reason. His evil bargain: you can have one for free, but you have to do something cool with it within a year, and then take a picture of it. If you don't ...

cue minor 9th music...

... you have to buy Paul ...

minor 13th hit x 3!

A Beer!

Well, I got home, and the first thing I noticed was I had these little Avago LED displays sitting around, and they were kinda about the same size as the Teensy. And, hey, the pins line up! And hey, the power & ground are at the right end! And hey, the pins are just long enough to reach the board if you put the module over the USB connector! Plus, I'd been meaning to do something like this, except with a USB-B connector so it would stick out like a thumb drive. But you can't get that close and not try it, right?

My eventual goal is to put a noise source on the board and deliver random bits to the USB host, plus scroll random letters across the display. Good for ... I dunno ... randomness? I bet this is one of those ideas that sounds better in the abstract than in the implementation.

Anyway, thanks, Paul! I'll buy you a beer anyway. And maybe contribute one of my two remaining Avago displays to the Free Parts Pool. Anybody else got an idea for a tricked-out Teensy?

Yow!Yow 2Yow 3

(Man, I so do not understand this software. I think I posted this message as a comment to something else (no idea what) instead of as a blog post. Furrfu!)
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