ByteBeats Clean w/ Teensy-3.1

By: spacewrench

2014-05-27 12:06:02

Here's a clean version of the ByteBeats circuit we built last Sunday.  I used a Teensy-3.1 instead of a Teensy-2.0, but everything else is more-or-less the same.  (I added some capacitors on the power lines, a volume control and a speaker instead of the headphones, but it's all minor changes that anybody at a Dorbot meeting could help you with.  Or email me, I'll go through it with you.)

The ByteBeats workshop went pretty well: everybody left with a working circuit, although there were some hiccups along the way.

I hope you all enjoyed the project.  Keep in mind: the same circuit can be used for a bunch of different audio hackery by changing the software.  For example, I wrote a program to produce sine waves at regular musical-scale intervals.  It's a short step from there to playing MIDI, I imagine.

I also cleaned up the hairball circuit my kid built at the workshop.  Turns out, there's enough room on those mini breadboards to fit a Teensy-2, DAC, amp, and an optoisolator that will work for MIDI-IN.  So the next thing to do is see if I can hook this up to an old Yamaha keyboard I have and see if I can get the Teensy to play the sounds for it.

Edit: Turns out the answer is "yes, yes you can use the Teensy to generate audio for MIDI data sent from a Yamaha keyboard." But the keyboard is much more capable and in tune!

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