Remote contol

By: sindicate

2008-06-08 12:20:19

I have been working on the chassis of a larger robot design just for fun, and I have run into a bit of a problem. Can anyone think of a simple (and cheap) way for me to take 12vdc in and output 5-7v to control pins. The forward/reverse and right/left are controlled by a joystick right now. So in the resting position the voltage on the control pins is ~6v full forward is about ~6.95v and full reverse is ~5.05v. The same holds true for right and left. I want to do this using a rc car controller. I could manually move the joystick but i would rather directly generate the voltages OR use the servos on my RC unit to control pots. The motors running the wheels are 4 pole dc and run at 24v max in the setup I have. Any Ideas?

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