LCD ARM board status update

By: scott_d

2012-09-28 21:44:31

After moving twice this summer, I finally got my workbench set up again (at least enough to start building stuff again). So I was able to build the latest version of the LCD ARM dev board (/blog/scott_d/arm_lcd_development_board). It works fine and I think all the errors from the previous version are fixed. So I've attached the Eagle files and the BOM. There is a spreadsheet version of the BOM which has pointers to purchase the various parts and a text BOM which has the part locators for the Eagle board layout as well as the values for the jellybean parts. All the discrete components are 0805 if not otherwise noted. The display and connector are available from ( The spreadsheet has alternative sources for a few of the components when there is a big variation in cost.


I've pushed a few software improvements up to the github repository ( Mainly some little cleanups and a significant speedup in displaying images from the SD card. If you want to use this firmware, I've also attached the compiled version which you can upload to the board via the ROM based USB bootloader. This is a really nice feature of the LPC1343 which makes it possible to program firmware without needing any special programming hardware. If you hold down the middle button while pushing the reset button, then the next time you plug the board into USB, it comes up as a USB mass storage device. You can then just copy the firmware.bin file onto the drive, eject it and reset the board to run the new firmware. One thing I've noticed is that, on Mac OS X, for some reason you need to do the copy from the terminal command line. Drag and drop from the Finder doesn't seem to work. I think drag and drop works fine in Windows and I don't think I've tried Linux.

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