ARM LCD Dev Board Eagle files

By: scott_d

2012-07-08 22:21:23

Recently I posted about the ARM based LCD development board I showed at a Monday DorkbotPDX meeting. At that time, I was waiting for another revision of the board before releasing the Eagle files. I got the next version back and it looks OK so I've attached the files. The firmware source code is available on GitHub. --edit-- Sorry, if you got the V095 files I posted, please ignore them. They were not the ones that correspond to the boards I just got made. I've instead posted the latest files which have some modified footprints and a couple of other small changes. I'm just about to submit this version to OSHPark to get made. I'm anticipating that this will be the final revision. After testing this version, we can start working on a group order if there is enough interest. If you want the correct files for the last version, let me know. --edit--
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