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Teensyduino Regression Testomatic, 1st Try...

Submitted by paul on Tue, 2013-04-16 06:43

Over the last couple weeks I've been working on a automated test system for Teensyduino, which someday will verify nearly all the Arduino functionality on every board and also test most of the Arduino libraries.  Here's what my first try looks like.

Click "Read more" for another photo, a bit of discussion about how this works (and what doesn't work so well), and a peek at what will be my second attempt.


Submitted by paul on Mon, 2013-02-25 15:55

Last night I released OctoWS2811 ... after spending pretty much all Sunday making this 3 minute video:

Everyone at the meetup a couple weeks ago saw this right when it was first showing video.  Since then, pretty much all the work has been on the documentation and minor code improvements.

GNU Toolchain Cross-Compile Challenges

Submitted by paul on Wed, 2013-01-09 06:33

For the last several days I've been working to compile the latest free GNU Toolchain for ARM published by CodeSourcery (now owned by Mentor Graphics).

This process has not been easy.  In this lengthy blog post, I'll share all the patches I've written, with detailed explanations of exactly what errors I encountered, what I've learned about each problem, and how to work around it.

Edit: full source is on github.

"Read mode" for all the gory details......

Input & Output Analog/Digitial Pin Test Circuit

Submitted by paul on Mon, 2012-11-19 15:37

I wanted a board that shows the state of all I/O pins on LEDs with all of these properties....

  • Works for Digital Input, Output, and Input Pullup
  • Pushbutton to drive the pin high, very weak pulldown (much weaker than on-chip pullup)
  • Works for analog pins (thumbwheel pot), but also works when the same pin is used for digital
  • LED shows actual analog level - LED current should be linear to actual voltage
  • LED current does not interfere with analog voltage
  • LED does not interfere with weak signals, or input pullup or pulldown
  • Inexpensive - under $0.50 per pin - many parts are ok, as long as they're cheap!

"Read More" for the circuit details and photos.....

Make Windows 8 Maker Friendly - Responses & Opinions

Submitted by paul on Sun, 2012-06-10 10:02

At Maker Faire, I met Philip Torrone briefly. We talked about driver installation issues, and he resolved to find someone at Microsoft if I would send a summary.

Phil ended up posting on the Make Blog. There've been many reactions, mostly online comments, some in private email.

I'll briefly summarize the responses and offer my opinions here. Just click "read more"...

Bus Pirate, Built At Home (Hand Soldered)

Submitted by paul on Thu, 2012-04-12 08:57

Scott tested and programmed my hand-soldered Bus Pirate at the meetup last Monday. Apparently it works. Not sure when I'll actually use it, but nice to know it'll be ready to go....

Just wanted to post a high quality photo of the Bus Pirate board, Dorkbot PDX version.

Thanks Greg, Scott, Jim, Monty, Jared, and everyone else who had a hand in making this happen! :-)