Thunderbridge at Soak 2011

By: paul

2011-06-23 06:20:45

Recently I've been working on ThunderBridge. Here it is at SOAK last weekend. "Read more" for details.... The structure is a bridge 20 feet long and about 12 feet high. I really haven't been involved in the build crew... pretty much only the lighting part. Electronics-wise, it has 8 disposable camera flashes (for a lightning effect), audio output for thunder sound, size sequenced el wires channels (only 1 was used at Soak), and colored lights inside. There were 6 sensors mounted to the underside of the bridge. When people jumped on top, it would trigger the flashes, blink the el wire, chance colors, and best of all, play the thunder sounds through Rob's sound system! Maybe later I'll add more technical info here, but for now I've got a few other urgent projects. The full code used as Soak is attached. Huck donated the disposable camera flashes. :-) Photos by Wade Scribner.
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