Micro SD

Submitted by paul on Sun, 2010-05-16 21:35

What I've been working on lately....

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Here's where the parts go on the bottom side.

J2 is a pair of pads that can be solder bridged for use with a 3.3 volt AVR chip.

If you are using a library that wants a card detect switch, a jumper or low value (eg, 100 ohm) resistor can be soldered on R2 to connect the socket's card detect switch to the pin on the upper right corner (when viewed from the top side), which would be pin PF5 on a Teensy.

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Great photo too. When you make things this small, taking pictures turns into its own challenge. I'm routinely impressed with Paul's willingness to master many skills. But then, that's not uncommon within Dorkbot.