CapSense Demo Video

By: paul

2011-11-11 17:14:58

My ongoing effort to learn Final Cut Pro X...... Appearing in this video..... Voice-over (hopefully high quality audio), lots of little screw-ups masked or deleted. Titles and graphics overlays, timed the audio track Picture-in-picture (serial monitor while touching), hopefully in sync Edits between 3 demo tests (direct touch, tape touch, 2 touch styles) and other scenes. Hopefully they aren't "jump" cuts - had to crop/zoom the 2-touch-style clip to avoid a jump cut to/from. I really wanted to make animated graphics showing the tiny current flow through the 4.7M resistor and gradual voltage increase. Sadly, that's still far beyond my skills, and maybe I need to buy Motion 5 for that?!
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