Fun with high voltage!

By: modularduck

2009-03-12 12:54:27

SO about a month ago i came across some cheap 9kV neon sign transformers and picked a few of them up, so i built a 5' tall jacobs ladder out of copper water pipe. pretty cool i thought to myself. but then it begged for more. so after a couple of trips out to surplus gizmos i had covered the whole thing in old PCB and set about wiring all the LEDs to a dorkboard, and finally finished all the details last night. I ran a remote switch to the neon transformer so it can be turned on from a distance, also i used some of the PCB components to provide power to the dorkboard and flash the LEDs. I still need to finish the back plate for it but thats of little matter at this point as im sure i will continue to cover it with other things lol. i will post more uptodate pics and maybe some poor quality video.

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