PCB Group Order #2

By: Laen

2009-11-20 17:04:36

=== Announcing the second PCB Group Order! === DorkbotPDX PCB Group Order Now's your chance to get that design you've been working on professionally fabricated in the USA. This is open to DorkbotPDX dorks, Make:PDX makers, OpenTechSpace hackers, and anyone else that wants in on it. Orders must be received by December 10th, and will be distributed by December 21st. === What you get === - Three 2 layer boards (see design rules below) - Soldermask on both sides - Silkscreen on the top side only. === The Costs === $3 square inch for three copies of your board. So, a 2 square inch design would cost $6, and you'll get three copies of your board. Shipping by US Mail will be $2 extra. If you're part of the workshop (see below!), you'll receive your order at the December 21st DorkbotPDX general meeting. === How to submit your order === For now, just email your board designs to "pcb-order@denizen.org" as either an Eagle .brd or a set of Gerbers. Include the number of copies you want in multiples of 3. If you're making Gerbers from Eagle, please use this CAM job: http://content.laen.org/pcb/PCBGroupOrder.cam === Help! === If any of this is confusing, and you'd like help, feel free to drop me an email. Also, be sure to check out the DorkbotPDX PCB Workshop. === PCB Workshop === Don't know how to make a PCB, but still want in? Come to the "Designing Circuit Boards for Fabrication" workshop presented by Don, Dorkbot, and Tempus Dictum Inc. Details at: /workshop/circuit_design_for_fabrication Going to the workshop gets you 2 square inches of design space in the board order. === Design Rules === (Eagle DRU File: http://content.laen.org/pcb/PCBGroupOrder.dru) 8 mil trace width 8 mil spacing 15 mil clearances from traces to the edge of the board 20 mil minimum drill size. Enjoy! -Laen
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