Circuit Board Order #3!

By: Laen

2010-01-15 17:02:36

=== Announcing the third PCB Order! === DorkbotPDX PCB Order Now's your chance to get that design you've been working on professionally fabricated in the USA. This is open to DorkbotPDX dorks, Make:PDX makers, OpenTechSpace hackers, and anyone else that wants in on it. Orders must be received by February 2nd, and will be distributed by mail by February 10th or at the DorkbotPDX meeting on February 15th. === What you get === - Three 2 layer boards (see design rules below) - Soldermask on both sides - Silkscreen on the top side only. - Optional Mylar solder paste stencil ($5 extra) === The Costs === $5 square inch for three copies of your board. So, a 2 square inch design would cost $10, and you'll get three copies of your board. Shipping by US Mail is included. Scott Dixon has agreed to make Mylar solder paste stencils (for easy application of surface mount componants) for $5 a board stencil. If you'd like to take advantage of that, just include the "tcream" file the CAM file below produces, and tell me you want a stencil. === How to submit your order === For now, just email your board designs to "" as either an Eagle .brd or a set of Gerbers. Include the number of copies you want in multiples of 3. Include a mailing address if you'd like your boards mailed to you, which is the fastest way to get your boards. If you're making Gerbers from Eagle, please use this CAM job -- (this is a new CAM file for this order, and was update on January 25th to include a solder paste layer) If you want a mylar solder paste stencil, say so in the email and include the tcream gerber file. === Help! === If any of this is confusing, and you'd like help, feel free to drop me an email. === Design Rules === (Eagle DRU File: -- (This is a new DRU file for this order) 6 mil trace width 6 mil spacing 15 mil clearances from traces to the edge of the board 13 mil minimum drill size. Enjoy! -Laen
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