Atmel's ATXMEGA64A1

By: Laen

2009-04-17 17:49:12

I just got these beauties from Mouser today: Atxmega64A1 This is one of the first of the ATXMega line of chips, and _boy_ what a beautiful chip: * 8 USARTS. * 4 i2c busses * 4 SPI busses * AES and DES Cryptoengines * 2 eight-channel, 12-bit ADCs * 2 two-channel, 12-bit DACs, * a built in 32kHz factory calibrated oscillator for the Real-time Clock * built in 2MHz and 32MHz factory calibrated oscillators * A 31x PLL which can be used as the system clock (for a top chip speed of 200MHz). All for $6.40 a chip, quantity 10. Now I need to make a board for it. I might try doing a seeedstudio run.
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