An itty bitty power provider

Submitted by Laen on Mon, 2010-07-12 19:49

SiliconFarmer found this awesome little solar cell on Digikey that puts out 4V at 50 microamps. Not a lot of juice, but add a 0.33F supercapacitor, and leave it in the sun for about 7 hours, and you have enough energy to run an Atmega168V in active mode at 1MHz for about 22 minutes, or in sleep mode for 4 days (!).


Parts List
Solar Cell: CLA289-ND on digikey
Super cap: P11064-ND on digikey
Diode: MMBD914-FDICT-ND on digikey
PCB from the
DorkbotPDX PCB Order

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wow..... that looks serious.. it would be fun to create some sound machine in a tree that triggers when someone walks by... forest graffiti?