Adventures in Etching - The test pattern

Submitted by Laen on Sat, 2009-05-30 10:56

I made a test pattern to determine what my etching capabilities actually are:

Test Pattern (PDF)

This one is a bit better than my last one. It's smaller (2x2 inches vs. 5x4 inches) so you don't waste as much board, has test points, and a bunch more common surface mount components.

(results inside)

My method was:
* Print to magazine paper.
* Transfer to copper using 12 trips through the laminator.
* Etch in a muriatic acid / hydrogen peroxide bath.
* Remove toner with acetone.

Here's the final result:
Board 1: Etched Board #1

The 8 mil trace is good!

Board 2:Etched Board #2

Only the 10 mil trace and higher are good.